Hangul was Created

Directed by: Seo Hyun | Produced by: Seo Hyun | 2018 | Indonesia



The leader of change I chose to research was Sejong the Great because I am so proud of Korean and Sejong the Great created Hangul which is Korean.  This leader is known for changing a difficult alphabet into Hangul for the Korean people.


I decided to work with digital video and art because making a video seemed easy and digital art because my favourite subject in school is art.  I created  a Stop Motion video and a portrait on the app Sandbox because I think those are good apps and I know how to use them.  The process for creating this project was first choosing how to make it and what do I need to make it. Then, I practiced filming it and adding some details.


I was inspired to create this project because Sejong the Great created Hangul and I love using Korean which is Hangul.