How to Draw Your Hero and Create a Portfolio

Artist St. George shares how he creates his artwork with time-lapsed films and creates a portfolio of his artwork published on the MY HERO website

Draw Your Hero
Credit: MY HERO

Watch these short 24 second time-lapse films of St. George creating his portraits from a photograph. Watch in FULL SCREEN

Time Lapse David McAtee

David McAtee
Credit: Saint George

Time Lapse Michael Dean 

Michael Dean
Credit: Saint George

Time Lapse Maurice Gordon 

Maurice Gordon
Credit: Saint George

Time Lapse Tony McDade

Tony McDade
Credit: Saint George

Time Lapse Breonna Taylor

Breonna Taylor
Credit: St. George

Time Lapse George Floyd

George Floyd
Credit: St. George

Artist St. George shares how he creates a digital portfolio of artwork on MY HERO. 

Saint George shares his Art

St. George Thompson
St. George Thompson on creating art and illustrations for MY HERO.

Artist St. George's Digital Portfolio on MY HERO

Black History Month
Credit: Saint George

Submit your Artwork to MY HERO

Use the Create Program to Publish Original Artwork Link
Credit: MY HERO


Laura Nietzer

This lesson plan was created by MY HERO Education Outreach Director Laura Nietzer.

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