Directed by: Luke Richmond and Sarah Berman | Produced by: Luke Richmond and Sarah Berman | Production Company: Aquarium of the Pacific | Music Video | 2020 | USA | 4:00



Abalone need our help, but hardly anyone knows about the challenges they face. Seymour Shark of Pacific Pals fame to the rescue! Sing along with Seymour and hear the story of these endangered marine snails, why they need our help, what we are doing to save them, and how you can help too!

In an effort to increase critically endangered white abalone populations in Southern California, The Aquarium of the Pacific has collaborated with NOAA's National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) and other White Abalone Restoration Consortium partners to rear and release white abalone into the ocean. Take the first step in participating in abalone conservation by watching now.

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