Freedom Heroes

Martin Luther King, Jr.

by Emmanuel from Denver

Martin Luther King, Jr was a very special man. He changed the minds of the Congress. When you think about what this man has done, it's pretty awesome. If everyone was honest with themselves, they would say that Dr. King is a true hero.

A little more than thirty years ago, Dr. King stood up and gave the now famous speach we call "I have a dream." My favorite part of the speach is when King says "I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, sons of former slaves and sons of former slave-owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.

Just that part of the speach actually speaks to me as an individual. The table of brotherhood. Strong words from a strong man. A strong black man, that's right. To this day there still are a lot of prejudice people walking around U.S.A., think about it.

Just think what it would be like if Dr. King hadn't stood up for what he believed was right. I deeply respect him in every way. Think, if Dr. King sat and let everything go, no one would have known who Michael Jordan was or what his talent was. No one would have known about Michael Jacksons magnificent voice.

Dr. King opened up a lot of opportunities for African Americans and, believe it or not, white people. Let me ask you this; what family is the most successful in the music business. The Jackson family, a black family. So when you enter a restaurant, or a sports game, and you see a black person or you are a black person, think of Martin Luther King, Jr, think of freedom, think of life.

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