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Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr.

By Clayborne Carson

Publisher: Warner Books; (January 2001)
ISBN: 0446676500
MY HERO recommends this book to adult readers.
From the Publisher
A professor of history and the noted author and editor of several books on the civil rights struggle, Dr. Clayborne Carson was selected by the estate of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., to edit and publish Dr. King's papers. Drawing upon an unprecedented archive of King's own words -- including unpublished letters and diaries, as well as video footage and recordings -- Dr. Carson creates an unforgettable self-portrait of Dr. King. In his own vivid, compassionate voice, here is Martin Luther King, Jr., as student, minister, husband, father, and world well as a rich, moving chronicle of a people and a nation in the face of powerful -- and still resonating -- change.
User Reviews:
jerimesha wilson | 2/1/2011 3:58 AM
truly this man is a hero.. all that he has accomplished and getting us where we are today is just so astounding..what a wonderful kind hearted person who has really brought his pple a very long way.
Abigail Smith | 1/12/2007 2:40 AM
Some of the biographys that I have read of MLK are very good and educational.  But there is also some that says some bad things in his biography and I hope that he wasn't like what I read in one of his biographt but, anyway that is none of my buisiness I just  wanted to let you know that some people are putting MLK  out to be someone that was really bad but he wasn't he was actually a really good and civilized.  Anyway thank you for letting me to be able to express my feelings about this subject.  You guys do a really great job.  Thank you and good bye.
Brianah Ebron | 12/7/2005 12:49 AM
I think that Martin Luther King was a very honest and down to earth guy. He made things happen in this world that probably wouldn't be possible without him. Now that he is gone we stand strong. And we all shall love him untill the day we die. And we will all die together. Black, white, orange, or even blue. We are the same color inside. We just have a different color on the outside.
Chele Lucas | 10/23/2004 4:40 AM
Your book was so good it showed me to do the right thing in life!!

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