MY HERO Announces 2021 WOJ Youth Reporter Award Winners

by Deborah Neff, MY HERO Staff writer from United States


December 1, 2021

14634417th Annual Film FestivalMY HERO Project

The MY HERO 17th Annual Film Festival is proud to announce our 2021 WOJ Youth Reporter First Place Award Winners and their remarkable short films about heroes making a positive difference in the world. Here are the award winners:


146347As an Asthmatic by Alayna DeGraefAlayna DeGraef, with permission

The High School Creative Award goes to As An Asthmatic by Alayna DeGraef. This is a video short about the impact of vaping on youth.


146346TRANSPARENCY: Becoming Oliver by Tessa Grace MorellTessa Grace Morell, with permission

The High School Documentary Award goes to TRANSPARENCY: Becoming Oliver
by Tessa Grace Morell. Experimental short film made to visually accompany the original poem "Becoming Oliver" written by Oliver Marino.


146348THANK A HERO: MAURICE HILLEMAN by Jasmine Blossom Martoglio and Aurelia Sunshine MartoglioLora Batchelor Middle School, with permission

The Middle School Documentary Award goes to THANK A HERO: MAURICE HILLEMAN  by Jasmine Blossom Martoglio and Aurelia Sunshine Martoglio of Lora Batchelor Middle School. This is a documentary about an unsung hero named Maurice Hilleman who created an amazing number of vaccines and made it possible for modern vaccines to work.


The 2021 WOJ Youth Reporter Awards will be presented by Esther Wojcicki of Tract , the world’s first peer-to-peer, project-based learning platform that provides kids in grades 3-12 with the information and resources needed to build the skills necessary for adulthood — like creativity, critical thinking, and independence.

146349Esther Wojcicki Esther Wojcicki, with permission

Esther Wojcicki is an outstanding media arts educator, author and reporter whose commitment to transforming education serves the greater purpose of developing connected and caring human beings and giving every child a chance to be successful. A pioneer in education, Esther has spent 30 years building an outstanding high school journalism program at Palo Alto High School. Her book, “Moonshots in Education: Blended Learning in the Classroom,” provides an important platform for a global education movement devoted to radically improving teaching and learning around the world.

Esther serves as Chairman of the Board of Learning Matters and is on the THNK School of Creative Leadership’s Advisory Board. She serves as Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of Creative Commons. Wojcicki, or “Woj” to her students, has written for several publications and writes a recurring blog for the Huffington Post.

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