MY HERO Learning Circle Timeline 10 Week Session

iEARN Learning Circle Participant Timeline


Before Learning Circles Begin

Teachers are provided with information about the collaboration centre, the MY HERO website, and teacher resources, as well as ways to prepare students by email

Week 1: Opening the Circle

Teachers log into the TEACHER FORUM and find the folder for Introductions. Post an introductory message to the group. Please include a picture of yourself and, if possible, with your students. 


Teachers Register for a MY HERO educator account to access tools to easily organize your students' work.

Week 2

Students introduce themselves and their school on the collaboration centre. The goal of this task is for your students to introduce themselves and their school to the group.  This can be done individually, in groups, or as a group.  Your students are free to use any digital format (video, Word, pdf, PowerPoint, Padlet, etc.). Please feel free to be creative and original.



Start discussions about people who inspire your students. 


   Week 3


Students watch films that are connected to the UN SDG #14, either in class or virtually.

Week 4

What did your students think about each of the films? Who do they know who is making a positive difference in the world? Is there someone in their community making a positive difference? What can your students do? Share their thoughts in the collaboration centre folder.

Share the essay How to Choose a Hero with your students. Have a class discussion about who is a hero and the difference between a hero and a celebrity.

As a class brainstorm what makes someone a hero. What character traits do heroes have and what kind of effect do they have on their community or the world?

Students should DEFINE what makes someone a hero and then FIND their hero.


Week 5

Students share with their class and the learning circle who they choose as their personal hero and why in the MY HERO Learning Circle Guestbook. Read the posts of other participants in the Guestbook.


Students decide on their hero project. Note that there are 4 ways to share your HERO story: written stories, art, film, and audio.

Students are welcome to begin work on the hero project.

Week 6-8

Students work on their hero project.

Teachers create a Class Code from their MY HERO Profile page.

Students will Register for a student account on the MY HERO website using the Class Code provided by their teacher.

Week 9

Students’ projects should be submitted to MY HERO using their Create Program for approval and publication. (Submitted stories, art, short films, and audio must be original and created by your students.) 


Teachers create an organizer of student work (optional)


Teachers and students share links to their projects

Week 10: Closing the Circle 

Make final comments about student projects posted on the forum.


Teachers and students say goodbye.


The MY HERO Project will share an organizer of all work with participants.

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