Teachers Heroes

My HeroS: My Teachers

Directed by: Deniz Aşkıner | Produced by: Mehmet Aşkıner, Özge Aşkıner | Starring: Deniz Aşkıner, Helle Degn, Heba Issaoui, Marta Pastur, Susana Pousa Lema | 2021 | Denmark



While we were trying to find activities to spend time with my father, we found the contests of My Hero Foundation online: "Our heroes during the coronavirus epidemic". When my father asked me if I had a hero during these times, I answered "my school". Maybe he was waiting for the answer to this question as "My Father" :) Yes, he is too, but my teachers, who I think made great efforts to keep schools open in these difficult times, were the first people that came to my mind. So I prepared questions for some of my teachers and pedagogues and decided to get small video recordings from them. I hope I was able to reflect what I felt.