My Life with Rosie [Trailer]

Directed by: Angela Williamson | Documentary | 2018 | USA | 2:53




Before she was known as Rosa Parks, the Mother of the Civil Rights Movement, she was known by her family as Rosie. She was the cousin who would sit vigil with her grandfather to protect her cousin, Thomas Williamson, Sr., from being lynched by the KKK. It would be family that she would turn to when her life was being threatened on a daily basis in Alabama. Carolyn Green remembers the phone call that would lead Cousin Rosie to Detroit and her father’s role in making it happen. This short documentary by Dr. Angela Sadler Williamson examines this relationship and Carolyn Green’s quest to continue her cousin’s public service legacy – the legacy of human rights. Candid interviews with Rosa Park’s biographer Dr. Jeanne Theoharis and several prominent community leaders and volunteers tell empowering stories about how the relationship of these two women would lead to a lifetime of public service to eradicate injustice from American culture. 

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