MY HERO Celebrates Mentors

January Is Mentoring Month

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Read two prize-winning essays below.

Terry Fyke

By: McKenna Light

"Between artistic directors, choreographers and music directors, each person involved in every show I am a part of impacts me in varying ways. Among them all, none have ever had such a profound effect on me as Terry Fyke."

My Mentor - Bob Swaisgood

By: Zach Kroesen

"Bob gives not only me, but many students and adults with whom he works, trust, independence and solutions in approaching difficult problems."

Mentors can be teachers, older friends or family, or anyone who helps you navigate the world. Want to share the story of your mentor? Click the banner below, or head to

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The mentors in these stories work alongside MY HERO to mentor youth and adults.

Jessica Mayberry

By: Eva Haller
Jessica Mayberry is the founder and executive director of Video Volunteers, an organization that teaches filmmaking to underrepresented communities in India.

Eva Haller

By: Xenia Shin

Eva Haller is the recipient of the Ban Ki-moon Mentorship Award and the Forbes Women Mentoring Award.

Cheikh Darou Seck

By: Seny from Dakar
Cheikh Darou Seck is an English teacher in Senegal who inspires his students to become MY HERO reporters and filmmakers.

Cheri Gaulke

By: Joy Wolf

Cheri Gaulk has mentored hundreds of successful video/film projects in her roles as a Video Art teacher and director of the Summer Film Program at Harvard-Westlake.

Mentors who encourage students to submit to MY HERO

Jeffrey Rudkin Receives 2022 MY HERO Teacher Award

By: Deborah Neff, Staff writer

Holly Carter

By: Wendy Jewell
Holly Carter gives kids and others the tools to tell their stories.

Leonid Nevidomiy

By: Abigail Richardson
In September 2022, Leonid Nevidomiy a teacher from Yelanetskyi the Mykolavyiv region, Ukraine encouraged students to submit 10 pieces of work to the MY HERO Project.

Listen & Read Along

Herb Alpert

By: David Kelly
Herb Alpert is a musician and artist who inspires young people to reach their potential.

Paul Cummins

By: Kristin Herbert for MY HERO
Paul Cummins has devoted his career to finding ways to provide all children equitable access to a quality education.

The short films below highlight the power to change a life through mentoring. Meet both mentees and mentors through the films.


Frida shares her experience being mentored by Esther Wojcicki at Palo Alto High School.


Produced by:by Jeanne Meyers & Wendy Milette
Esther Wojcicki shares her vision for a Moonshot Movement in Education.

Righteous Conversations - MEDIA Award

Produced by:Righteous Conversations Project
Righteous Conversations Project mentors youth to tell stories that promote tolerance.

Women Transforming Media -- Eva Haller

Producer: Jeanne Meyers, Xenia Shin
Eva Haller's dedication to philanthropy and activism is a lifelong endeavor.

Art that Celebrates Educators Who Act as Powerful Mentors


By: Antonio Mendoza

Cheikh is a true mentor to his students.

Senegal Mural

By: Cheikh Seck's students

A section from a mural about life in Dakar

Senegalese Student Making MY HERO Art on the Computer

By: Cheikh Seck

Cheikh encourages his students to be computer creative as well as computer literate.

When I Learned to Read I Felt Powerful

By: Liza Donnelly

Mohamed Sidibay is a global educator who inspires young men in Sierra Leone to go to school, to study and to understand technology.

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Esther Wojcicki

By: Wendy Milette and Jeanne Meyers

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