Our Atoll Speaks (Ko Talatala Mai Tō Mātou Wenua) - Trailer

Directed by: Gemma Cubero del Barrio | Short | 2020 | Oceania



Our Atoll Speaks (Ko Talatala Mai Tō Mātou Wenua) is a communal film poem about the vast environmental knowledge of Pukapuka/Nassau, an atoll in the Northern Group of the Cook Islands.

This communal poem, developed from interviews with Pukapukans from 2015-2017, interweaves with stunning images of land, sky, and sea. Climate change and rising sea levels is the biggest threat to our island futures. Conservation practices developed over thousands of years have something to teach. This short documentary provides a visual metaphor for indigenous climate knowledge from the perspective of the atoll and her people.

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2020 International Ocean Film Festival Culture Coastal Award
2020 Special Jury Award Best Short Documentary Guam International Film Festival
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