Pieces of Us

Directed by: Anthony Wahome Njuguna | Documentary | 2022 | Kenya | 6:15



“Is the human race is capable of reversing the environmental trauma we’ve already inflicted on this planet?” In Ali’s words, “Anything is possible” Here is one man, amongst many, who is trying despite the odds. Pieces of Us is about the power we have as collectives. About the little pieces we can all offer to fix the greater puzzles that face us. It is about humanity collaborating to create solutions to the problems we have created for ourselves and the earth. Against the backdrop of COP26, Flipflopi has partnered with UNEP and Routes Adventure to launch a hopeful film based in the tourist destination of Lamu, Kenya.‘Pieces of Us’ reminds us of the positive and negative impacts of tourism, and what can be achieved by human ingenuity in the fight against plastic pollution. The film is offering a new vision for the future of tourism as we head towards a cleaner, more resilient planet. The film calls for us to rethink our habits. No longer can we continue spreading the plastic ‘pieces of us’. Rather it’s time for us to come together to restore the health of our planet.

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