Primordial Soup! VR - simulation video

Directed by: Ethan Summers | Produced by: Anne-Marie Napoli | Experimental | 2017 | USA



An immersive and educational exploration. Origins of life: a series of self organizing Eco-systems. This video reflects a 2D example of the immersive experience of Primordial Soup.

In this simulated universe living entities emerge naturally and evolve before your eyes. Originally developed for a collaboration with the SETI Institute, these simulations began as an interpretation of how life might form on the recently discovered TRAPPIST-1 planetary system. Since then, the project has evolved and now evokes a galactic or interstellar feeling, but can also resemble undersea life, and microbial creatures. Just as in the natural world this simulation shows the evolution of complexity, life and behavior. Elementary particles combine together forming a myriad of more complex synthetic creatures - each with its own distinct shape and behavior.

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Our goal is to get science education in front of the general public in a way where people can learn by doing - with their hands and bodies and well as intellect - so that more people can engage with the ideas that are transforming the planet.

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