Ron Kovic

Ronald "Ron" Kovic is a former United States Marine Corps sergeant who was wounded in the Vietnam War and became an American anti-war activist. His life was featured in the biopic Born on the Fourth of July.

Ron Kovic birthday
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Ron Kovic

By: Anabelle Vo

Ron has been through a lot, but what's most important is that all of these things have made him a very determined man. Ron Kovic has devoted his life to fighting for peace and nonviolence.

Ron Kovic

By: Anabell Vo

Listen to the audio version of Anabelle's interview with Ron Kovic.

Ron Kovic

By: Betty Bailey and Jeanne Meyers

With his friend and companion TerriAnn Ferren, Kovic has traveled the world, speaking before peace activists, presidents, and Nobel Prize winners. 

Ron Kovic

By: Victoria Murphy

In his journey, Ron also turned to art. He is a self-taught expressionist who paints with authority and with love. 

Ron Kovic Peace Prize

Kovic CFE Postcard
Credit: myhero

The MY HERO Film Festival is honored to annually bestow the Ron Kovic Peace Prize to the director of the short film that most effectively addresses the issue of world peace. The accompanying $1000 cash prize supports the critical efforts of artists and peace activists whose work shows the power of non-violent solutions to our world's troubles. 

Ron Kovic Peace Prize Sizzle

Producer: Hila Hamidi
Learn all about the Ron Kovic Peace Prize in the MY HERO International Film Festival.

Watch the Trailer for Ron Kovic Biopic Born on the 4th of July

Ron Kovic Became an Artist as Part of His Creative Journey

I am an Artist

By: Ron Kovic

According to Ron Kovic, a fiercely independent artist, "This [work] was done during the Winship cottage period. I felt very creative. I just didn't care what other people thought."

Ours is a Tragic Age

By: Ron Kovic

Ron places his self portrait in the midst of words inspired by author D.H. Lawrence's "Lady Chatterly's Lover."

Blue Ship

By: Ron Kovic

This piece is about loneliness and turbulence in one's life. Kovic uses visual imagery to heal from the PTSD he suffered as a result of the war.

Ron Kovic, 2014

By: Robert Shetterly

After Robert Shetterly met Ron Kovic in Los Angeles, he painted his portrait as part of the Americans Who Tell the Truth series: "There is nothing in the lives of human beings more Brutal and terrifying than war, and nothing more important than for those of us who have experienced it to share its awful truth."

Watch Short Films about Ron Kovic

A Good American: The Times of Ron Kovic [excerpt] (6:40)

Produced by:Loretta Smith

Loretta Smith, a close friend of Ron Kovic, documents his amazing journey as a Vietnam war veteran and a world renowned peace activist.

Honoring RON KOVIC

Producer: Jeanne Meyers

Learn more about Ron Kovic's multi-faceted life overcoming hardship and transforming into an author, painter, and activist who has worked for world peace over the last 40 years.

Listen to Ron Kovic

Ron Kovic BBC Interview


Please enjoy this BBC Interview of Ron Kovic.

Ron Kovic speaks at MY HERO's International Day of Peace Celebration

Producer: The MY HERO Project

Ron Kovic shares his passion for a better world.

Books by Ron Kovic

Born on the Fourth of July

By: Ron Kovic

This latest edition of Ron Kovic's moving account of his experiences during and after the Vietnam War contains a new introduction in which Ron draws parallels to the war in Iraq.

Around the World in Eight Days

By: Ron Kovic

A novel about a young man who hitches west around the world from his home town of Massapequa, Long Island, and meets an array of colorful characters, including a mad DJ--Doctor Twist.

Hurricane Street

By: Ron Kovic

As the last American troops were being pulled out of Vietnam, Kovic and a small group of other severely injured veterans in a VA hospital launched the American Veterans Movement. 

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