Rural Runners (Trailer)

Directed by: Forest Woodward | Production Company: Gnarly Bay | Documentary | 2022 | United States



RURAL RUNNERS follows a progressive climate activist as she becomes the youngest representative elected to both the Maine House of Representatives and Senate, winning two consecutive campaigns in deep-red rural districts. The film follows Chloe Maxmin and her campaign manager, Canyon Woodward, as they throw away the traditional Democratic playbook (which lost roughly 90% of the vote to Trump in rural counties in the 2020 election) to unseat Republicans, one in a district that had never voted Democrat before. They reached across the aisle, knocked on 13,000 doors, and actually listened to people. Chloe and Canyon are gaining national attention as they shake up the Democratic Party and rehumanize our deeply divided political system. The film is an intimate portrait that offers hope, healing, and a path toward a healthier democracy.

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