Directed by: Amir Adib | Produced by: J Brave | Starring: Alexandra Sirocky | 2017 | United States



In light of the recent natural disasters and climate changes, now more than ever must we praise Mother Earth on a deeper level. "Sacred" is the most important piece of art I've ever created, and with the help of Unify we are donating 100% of the Bandcamp single proceeds to Honor the Earth supporting the preservation of sacred sites, environmental issues, and the protection of indigenous culture. Please SHARE and tag your friends, musicians, artists, change makers, activists, event producers, promoters, and all people of influence. Let's get this message around the planet, and raise some funds for a beautiful cause!

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"Sacred" by J Brave feat. Kayt Pearl & Poranguí
Video Directed by a mirror & Alexandra Sirocky
Song Produced by JAH LEVI
Mixed & Mastered by Daniel Konscious Krieger
Acoustic Guitar by Gaetano Frankel

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