Space Cleaners

Directed by: Marco Hülser | Produced by: Louis Wick | Documentary | 2019 | Germany | 10:30



PASSWORD: masala
Scientists in Germany and around the world are trying to get a grip on the problem of space debris, which is threatening everyday life as we know it today.

When the 6th European Conference of Space Debris took place in Darmstadt in 2013, I learned for the very first time about the danger of space debris. I started my research on the topic and I got to know that the so-called Kessler Syndrome could soon lead to a catastrophe in the near-Earth orbits, which would fundamentally change our everyday life on earth. With our documentary SPACE CLEANERS, I would like to draw the public attention to another problem in our environment that we need to focus now. Space debris is a global problem that currently has neither convincing solutions nor international rules that could solve it. Through the work by various scientists in Germany, I would like to give the viewer an insight into space debris and point out the importance of the infrastructure in space for humanity.