Taaru Askan

Directed by: Nicole Dewing and Hamza Azeroual | Produced by: Nicole Dewing and Hamza Azeroual | 2017 | Senegal | 5:53



This five minute video provides an engaging overview of the work of Taaru Askan Organic Farm in Senegal West Africa that is building an organic movement and re-introducing traditional fruit trees that have been lost in the western part of Senegal. As well, Taaru Askan has created a volunteer program in Senegal that has had over 35 volunteers from over 20 nationalities volunteer at the Farm and become part of the Taaru Askan family to promote cultural understanding and peace among the different religions and ethnic groups throughout many parts of the world. As a majority Muslim country in Sub-Saharan Africa, Taaru Askan's volunteer program has provided the opportunity for young people to work side by side with their Senegalese counterparts resulting in an authentic cultural immersion experience while promoting an ecological and healthy nutritional lifestyle to the Senegalese population.