Capture Heroic Moments: Creating Narrative Scenes about Heroes, A Unit of Study For Grades 3-5

by David Kelly, Media Arts Educator- MY HERO Project
Written By
David Kelly, Media Arts Educator- MY HERO Project

Grade Level
K-4, 5-8

Arts - Theater, Arts - Media, English/Language Arts
Students are introduced to the vocabulary and processes of writing their own short narrative scripts. This series of lessons provides an introduction to the basic vocabulary and concepts of narrative scenes for film and/or theater. Topics include developing characters, plot and conflict in order to write a short screenplay. 
Once students have completed these short scripts, they may use them in the production of a short theatrical performance or film. As students become familiar with the techniques and terms in this lesson, they can apply their new skills to create their own fictional works, be they short films, plays or fictional written material.
Note: Each lesson can take approximately a 45-minute period.
-Learn the basic vocabulary for narrative story telling (Lesson 1)
-Develop basic research skills (Lesson 2)
-Develop understanding of story structure, character development and creative writing skills  (Lessons 3 & 4)
-Develop collaborative skills by working in small groups (Lessons 5 & 6)
-Develop reading and public speaking skills (Lesson 7)