Creating a Film for the MY HERO Short Film Festival and Competition

by by Jerrilyn Jacobs, Taft High School
Written By
by Jerrilyn Jacobs, Taft High School

Grade Level
K-4, 5-8, 9-12+

Arts - Media


To encourage students to use a variety of media in presenting stories about their heroes, MY HERO has established a Short Film Festival and Competition.

First, students make a Web page about their hero using the simple CREATE program. A lesson plan deals with this part of the project in detail.

Then students produce a short (under five minutes) film about their hero and submit it to the film competition. MY HERO may take some or all of the film, compress it, and add it as a link from the student's hero page. Winning films will be featured on the site in their entirety.


Students will identify, research and write about their hero, creating a MY HERO Web page. This part of the project focuses on basic literacy skills extended into publishing in an interactive format.

Students will take their ideas and research material and develop a short media piece which will be turned into a film. This part of the project focuses on basic media literacy skills as students develop images, text and sound, incorporate movement, and edit the elements together into a visual tribute to their hero.

In the process students will access, analyze, and evaluate multimedia resources, create and share their own film projects.