Teacher’s Guide to Using the MY HERO Virtual Art Gallery

by by Victoria Murphy, The MY HERO Project
Written By
by Victoria Murphy, The MY HERO Project

Grade Level
K-4, 5-8, 9-12+

Arts - Visual

Each one of us has a unique notion of what heroism means. MY HERO invites students to explore this topic using an art form of their choice. MY HERO’s Virtual Art Gallery allows students who are visual learners to participate and express themselves through the creation of an original work of art that can be accompanied by a written component and published online. This is an excellent project for team teaching and collaboration between English, history, social studies and art teachers.


Students will visually explore the concept of heroism by viewing relevant artworks from the past and present. Students will create original works of art that celebrate heroic actions, presenting their unique vision of heroism. Students will publish their art online and share their digital images with others around the world on the MY HERO Web site’s global gallery. Students will be encouraged to write a brief explanation of their work to accompany their image on the Web and to include links to relevant sites.