Our Heroes Ourselves

by Billie Jo Grant
Written By
Billie Jo Grant

Grade Level
K-4, 5-8

Arts - Media, Arts - Visual, English/Language Arts, Social Studies

Students, by participating in the online The MY HERO Project, explore a teacher directed
range of heroes and heroic behaviors.
As they identified and researched heroes from the nation and world at large, as well as
local and regional heroes, students learned to recognize and appreciate “unsung” heroism
in themselves, at home, at school, and in their community. The unit is centered on cross age
groupings, and includes online and real time research, as well as various
presentations, including those of outside visitors.

After three years of completing this project successfully within a classroom, a vision
was born to bring The MY HERO Project to everyone in school ultimately with each
person realizing that there is a HERO within themselves. Students and staff were
encouraged to use their interests, gifts, and talents to express themselves. This project
involved the entire school community and a group of dedicated professionals willing
to work collaboratively with students from kindergarten to fifth grade in cross-age
groupings. (Our kindergarten students worked independently due to their scheduling
and participated in our family finale night during Education Week.)