MY HERO, My Neighbor

by David Kemker of My Hero,
Written By
David Kemker of My Hero,

Grade Level

Arts - Visual

MY HERO, My Neighbor challenges participants to identify heroes close to home: who they are, what they do that makes them heroic and why that heroic endeavor is important to the participant. 

This lesson is a great introduction to The MY HERO Project in that it requires the participant to look beyond some of the more popular standards of heroism like celebrity and wealth.  In so doing, each participant is encouraged to search themselves for those values they consider most important and then to identify these values in people from their everyday lives:  neighbors, teachers, public servants, family.

1.  Each participant should identify the values they consider heroic.  Is it helping other people?  Is it being proficient in some skill or art?  Is it bravery?  Generosity?  Determination?

2.  Once these values are identified, each participant is challenged to find people in their lives who embody those values, skills or personal traits and then to pick one.

3.  Participants should then create a piece of art that depicts their Hero doing what that thing that makes them heroic.