Wanted: A Few Good Heroes (A Play in a Box)

by Kimberly Kenna, The MY HERO Project
Written By
Kimberly Kenna, The MY HERO Project

Grade Level

Arts - Theater

This lesson can be used as a way to engage students in learning by allowing them to experience a deep, personal connection with the curriculum. Its hands-on nature may appeal to those students who have been difficult to reach through traditional teaching methods. By exploring the lives of some well-known heroes, students will then be on the lookout for heroes in their own community. The ultimate goal of this project is to inspire students to look within themselves to find a way to inspire others. Please note that there are many ways to tweak these lessons depending upon the age and abilities of your students. Also, the teacher does NOT have to have a background in theater---I don’t! If you start out small, by the time you’ve used this project a few times your progression of improvement will be obvious. Each time I implemented these lessons, the students exceeded my expectations.


Students will:
  • Read (or be read to) picture books about heroes related to the curricular topic
  • Explain and discuss the qualities of a hero
  • Write (or storyboard) a simple script which is sequential, with a beginning, middle climax/conflict and an ending
  • Work cooperatively in pairs or small groups to create and perform a play