The Art Of Discovery

Directed by: Mónika Naranjo-Shepherd | Documentary | 2023 | USA | 9:06



Like scientists, artists conceptualize and put together ideas in new ways. Artists and scientists both have the ability to offer a deeper understanding of our Ocean. They are important storytellers that help people to see in new ways. Applying these talents to ocean science and conservation can create a new space for dialogue and understanding. Schmidt Ocean Institute is uniquely positioned to provide collaborations between artists and some of the world’s leading marine scientists, using the Institute’s research vessel Falkor as a platform of connection and interdisciplinary reach. Our science expeditions offer a range of unique technology-based ocean research that lends to artistic exploration.

The cross fertilization of disciplines through the Artist-at-Sea program have resulted in a broader awareness of the important research occurring on Falkor and a better understand of the complex ocean issues facing the World today. By providing a platform where experts from different disciplines are brought together, cross-pollination of ideas will transform both the scientists’ and artists’ work.

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