The Brainwashing of My Dad [excerpt]

Directed by: Jen Senko | Excerpt | 2019 | USA



Once upon a time my dad was a happy go lucky, fun, non-political Kennedy Democrat. Then when he discovered Talk Radio on a new lengthened commute to work, he changed. He became a radical, rabid, angry right-wing extremist. It got worse when he discovered Fox News. 
He argued with everyone in the family and tried to convert them. Our relationship became strained as it also did with my mom. My brothers and I ended up blocking his emails. However, my mother persisted with fact checking him and just staying away from conversing (which meant arguing). One day, they moved to a senior community. In the move, his radio broke. Other opportunities occurred when he went into the hospital for a kidney stone. My mother took action. Gradually he turned back into his old self. I got my dad back. He was happy, I was happy and my family was happy, thanks to my mom's actions.

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