The Happiness Pebbles

Directed by: Jarett & Angela Tan | Short | 2019 | Singapore | 3:40



This film tells a story of a child with dyslexia and visual processing disorder (a light sensitivity condition) that hinders his way of learning in mainstream schools. Together with his mother, they embark a journey of healing and embracing their challenges, using nature and art to inspire children and families around the world.

Children with learning difficulties often try harder than their peers at school. Many are misunderstood for their poor academic performance and have low self-esteem. Jarett was diagnosed with Dyslexia and Irlen Syndrome (also known as visual processing disorder). Through nature art, Jarett finds natural ways to express himself and reminds him of his dreams and hopes. Jarett is an advocate for children with learning difficulties. Today, Jarett's story has touched over 500 children’s lives and inspired many to see beyond limitations.

Every child is special. Love them just the way they are.