The Unbound Project - Sarah Heiligtag

Directed by: Thomas Machowicz, Sabina Diethelm | Excerpt |




What happens when farmers have a change of heart?A We Animals Media short film directed by Thomas Machowicz and Sabina Diethelm.“Transfarming Switzerland” documents one animal activist’s ​unconventional approach: to work with – not against – animal farmers. Sarah Heiligtag transforms ​animal farms into vegan farms and animal sanctuaries across Switzerland and neighboring countries.It is the farmers themselves who, because of growing moral concerns, come to struggle with raising and slaughtering their animals to earn a living. Looking to make a drastic change in their business, these conflicted animal farmers learn about Sarah, make contact with her and together they develop a plan to transform.These changes are challenging both practically and emotionally: the farmers must adapt infrastructure and finances, but also defy deep-rooted farming practices and family traditions. Despite this, Sarah has transformed more than 100 farms to date, proving to many within the farming industry that change and progress are possible for those who seek a different relationship with animals.

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