To speak is to live - Freed from stuttering

Directed by: Sonja Schütz, Sabine Schütz | Documentary | 2022 | Germany | 2:45



In the documentary, 11 formerly stuttering people aged 9 - 30 years tell of their daily, painful experiences around stuttering with its limitations. Stuttering affects 1% of the world's population.They all felt powerless at the mercy of stuttering and were looking for a way out. The therapy odyssey of the affected people, which sometimes lasted for years, left its traces, destroyed hope and made a vision of the future according to one's own ideas impossible.In the worldwide unique therapy concept against stuttering "D.E.L.P.H.I.N.", they found the solution for their goal to overcome stuttering.The comprehensive transformation from stuttering to normal speech is life-changing. How much speaking means life becomes visible through the deeply touching stories.Experts from the fields of psychotherapy, medicine and politics comment from their perspective on the scope of the disease of stuttering and the liberation and development of potential that has become possible

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