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Directed by: Nimo Patel | Production Company: EMPTY HANDS MUSIC | Music Video | 2022 | United States | 4:58



This is a song about coming together.

It has been saddening to experience the social division and polarization in the world. This song is my heartfelt response to the collective pain we all share. I believe that we can come together better, stronger, and wiser and continue to celebrate our differences. Here are a few lyrics from the song:

“Cuz we’re stitching this back together for the weak and the feeble,
For the rich and poor, it’s not good versus evil
We’re the brothers, we’re the mothers, we’re the sisters, we’re all equal,
We’re the ones to form a more perfect union for: We The People”
"We the People" is a humble offering towards sowing seeds of peace and tolerance in our communities. I hope this song, music video and message helps you open your heart just a little more, to those you may not agree with. Gives you the strength to just listen and not react when someone is speaking from 'ignorance'. I hope we can all take one small step closer to cultivate tolerance for each other. 

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