Who Said You Can't Dance

Directed by: David Block | Documentary | 2018 | United States | 11:43



If you think that a wheelchair user is incapable of dancing, then think again. Wheelchair users, whether athletically mobile or not can learn to dance with a standing partner. This documentary brings wheelchair users and standing partners together. Whether the wheelchair users choose to dance competitively or not, the activity puts them in a world without limits. They were taught to believe that their disabilities would limit them, and now doing something that they thought they would never be able to do exposes them to a world of possibility. Why is this documentary important? People with disabilities are often told that they cannot do certain things and the real tragedy is that they believe it. Too many people with disabilities lead inactive lives. According to the journal "Disability Scoop", a study finds that nearly half of adults with disabilities are physically inactive putting their health in serious jeopardy. "Who Said You Can't Dance" counters the myth that wheelchair users are helpless and incapable of leading active lives. This documentary illustrates that dancing is fun and inclusive and easy. In addition, the film shows that standing is not a prerequisite for dancing.