I was inspired to write this poem on 'Ankit Agarwal' because he left his job to work for his inner calling to clean the river Ganges and saving its ecosystem. He has been successful in finding an alternative to dumping floral wastage from temples into the Ganges, which has provided livelihood to several women from backward sections of Indian society. I too wish to be a young change leader like him as I grow up. 

Young Changemaker Ankit Agarwal

by Kush Huria from New Delhi in India

All things beautiful were created by the nature

the holy water of Ganges

the petals of Carnation or the Rose

all were beautiful

all were pure

until this harmony

was broken by a selfish creature


Oh! Ganges the holy river

Your water was once pious and so clear

But what have these humans done to you

By dumping the temple floral wastage

They have taken away the beauty from the carnation, the roses and you


These were the thoughts of a young boy

who sat in deep contemplation on your bank

Though he was engineer by profession

But his heart was driven by passion

Passion to restore and preserve your ecosystem

While changing the life of many women

Down trodden by the caste social system


He was moved by the apathy people had for you

Dumping the floral wastage day and night

they destroyed your ecosystem with pesticide residue

He thought of an idea to end this plight

But it involved high risk

And chances of success were slight


He took the risk of leaving a settled job

And laid the foundation of NGO called PHOOL,

He collected floral residue from temples

And employed rural women

To create Incense sticks and organic compost with it

This changed once an environment threat to a transformational tool


Offsetting the pesticide residue

He is creating a change

I call him my hero

Because his determination is as strong as a wall

a young change maker named Ankit Aggarwal


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