Directed by: Caroline Robert | Experimental | Canada | 6:59



This video is a recording of someone interacting with the immersive-interactive experience. Click the link below to interact with this experience yourself!

You’re inside the head of D., a young girl who’s livestreaming her brain activity during a new kind of treatment session. Online, along with other participants, you massage her brain, experiencing the free flow of her thoughts, emotions and obsessions. Now, she’s telling you about her weekend. Earlier, her anxiety played some catchy beats that still lurk in one corner of her mind—like an earworm that won’t let go. Keep massaging. It’s doing her some good. In exchange, she’s giving you a guided tour of what’s going on inside her head, empowered by your gestures and stimulating presence. D. opens up as her mind wanders—perhaps a little bit like your own mind. Brainstream is an interactive animated film that explores, with sensitivity and humor, the mysteries of brain activity and the unpredictable trajectory of our thoughts.

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