Down the Road [excerpt]

Directed by: Care Dorghalli | Production Company: USC School of CInematic Arts | Documentary | 2023 | USA



What would you do if you saw a wildfire destroy 95% of a town? How would you help the survivors whose homes burned to the ground? For Woody Faircloth in Denver, the answer seemed simple: provide them with an RV. And upon witnessing the 2018 Camp Fire in Paradise, California, he and his six-year- old daughter Luna did just that. Without hesitation, they drove across the country to donate an RV to a family who lost everything to the inferno. But when they arrived, the two quickly realized they couldn't stop there. Narrated by Luna, Down the Road uses a cinematic and poetic visual style to follow the journey of Woody and Luna as they provide transitional homes to survivors of some of California’s deadliest fires. With evocative personal accounts from three people who received RVs, along with endearing home videos of Woody and Luna’s road trip adventures, we witness the ripple effect of a father and daughter’s unyielding altruism and discover an alarming truth: the work is only just getting started.

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