I'll Hide, You Seek

Directed by: Anne Richardson | Narrative | 2018 | USA | 11:07



Alice, our painfully shy young heroine, is an old soul with a vivid imagination. Having just moved next door to the historic church with her mother and father (the new Episcopal priest), she's still grieving the loss of her former life and having a hard time making friends. But despite all this, we soon discover that she is curious, courageous, and most important to our story, she believes in magic and ghosts... I'll Hide You Seek is literally and figuratively a story about being lost... and found. A story about being seen, and known. We use the spiritual and the supernatural to look at the very human story of a little girl lost. And of parents who are too lost in their own struggles to help her. As a storyteller, I love the idea of taking something children do on a daily basis, play, and shining a light on it’s power. Through the power of play and imagination, one little girl has the courage to trust her only friend, take a risk, and find freedom on the other side. In the end, both girls are “found” through this seemingly innocent game and friendship saves the day.