Lakota Waldorf School | Pine Ridge Indian Reservation | South Dakota

Directed by: James Vrazel | Production Company: Beautiful Life Films | Documentary | | 5:55



The Lakota Waldorf School was founded in 1993 by a group of Lakota parents committed to an alternative vision for their children’s education – one that includes traditional Lakota values. The founders of the Lakota Waldorf School recognized that for a school to succeed on the reservation it must help the Lakota children to connect with their roots and to develop skills necessary to lead healthful, fulfilling lives in the future.

We believe that the future is to be found in the continued teaching of our language and our sacred values. The Lakota Language and values will form the foundation for all classes:

Wacante’ognaka – Generosity
Wo’ohitika – Courage
Wayuonihan – Respect
Woksape – Wisdom

The mission of the Lakota Waldorf School (LWS) is to provide a Waldorf education integrated with Lakota language and culture. Lakota children learn to create positive futures for themselves and their communities.

Based on Waldorf principles, our goal is to develop intellectual, social, emotional, physical and spiritual capacities of the developing child through an age-appropriate curriculum.

Through the Waldorf approach to education, our goal is to fulfill our dedicated mission with a school that prepares children to become fulfilled adults, capable of self-direction, purposefulness, and of walking in the wise Lakota ways.

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