Music Video

Raakh Ko Dhua

Directed by: Pranit Sahni | Narrative | 2018 | India | 7:53



Raakh Ko Dhua is built around a major recurring theme in the song: faces. The narrative depicts the life of an acid attack victim and a victim of domestic violence. We see the acid attack victim, not as a sad, angry or morose character but someone who believes in living her life to the fullest. Our idea was to represent her as a symbol of hope and inspiration, for all those victims in society that never come out. The victim of domestic violence is a smart, beautiful and successful woman and tries to show everyone that she is living a happy life, never letting anyone notice the abuse she repeatedly endures at home. A chance encounter with the acid attack victim at a pub gives her the strength and courage to come out to the world as a survivor. After all these brave people aren't victims, but survivors.

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