Suryabata Pani

Directed by: Chris Ingham, Michaela Dunn | Production Company: ACTUALITY MEDIA | Documentary | 2018 | Nepal/USA | 8:53



This is the story of Indra Sapkota, an underserved farmer in Nepal struggling to find sustainable and reliable water sources to irrigate his land. His current irrigation system consists of an electric pump - which poses physical and economic threat to him and his family's well being. With a government that does little to help, farmers all over Nepal face similar struggles. Enter Ecoprise, a Nepali organization providing sustainable eco-solutions to farmers. A solar pump from Ecoprise can save Indra's life, eliminating the risk of danger and crippling financial burden. The solar pump would even allow him to farm year-round, providing Indra not only economic freedom, but a boost to the local economy.

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