MY HERO Website Exploration: MY HERO Scavenger Hunt

by Jerrilyn Jacobs, Taft High School
Written By
Jerrilyn Jacobs, Taft High School

Grade Level

English/Language Arts

The scavenger hunt is a good way to introduce a Web site, as it requires students to explore and search for answers.

Planning for a scavenger hunt is simple. The teacher determines what is important to know in order to use the site effectively and get students interested. Questions are chosen or designed to obtain the desired information. Like all scavenger hunts, the student is asked to go out and find small things, in this case pieces of information, but the process of getting that information is the real lesson.

Students with minimal reading or Internet skills can be guided through the process, using simpler stories and questions. Choose stories in which the content illustrates that MY HERO is a global Internet project, featuring heroes around the world from all walks of life. Encourage students to join this international community by submitting their own hero stories.


  • Students will develop an understanding of the purpose and content of the MY HERO Website.
  • They will learn how the hero stories are organized and how to access information on the site.
  • To motivate students to contribute their own stories to the MY HERO Web site.