The Most Endangered Species

Directed by: Lauren | United States | 01:47



From Lauren, age 15: As an artist, I’m always attracted to any creative solution. The fact that Enzo, even though he is just a regular person, came up with a way to make people care about climate change by curating a museum of found plastic sparked my artist’s heart. I realized that we are the only species who makes choices to cause our own demise. Yet, we are blind to our own folly. It is my hope that even the simplest art such as the pieces in Enzo’s Archaeoplastica will strip the blindfolds from our eyes, as even though our ancestors are gone, their trash lives on. Through my poem, I wanted to show others that anything can be art, even if it is quite literally trash. It is all about the story you tell with it. And that is the art of it–that art turns trash into treasure. Here is my ode to Enzo Suma, founder and curator of Archeoplastica, a Museum of Found Ocean Trash.

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