Transparency and Purity - A Poem by Odile Dewar

by Odile Dewar from Laguna Beach, USA

Transparency and Purity

Pastel soft green eyes

Lighting up the beautiful canvases

Too often shaded

By a world in search of hope

In Chicago you were born

On a warm summer day

Far from the winter breeze

As a young producer

Refracting humanitarian truth

Through your acute lens

With your schoolyard friends

Movies you created

To fight the hideous wars

In a groundbreaking school

With an inspirational motto

Dreams you built ahead.

Uplifting in your soul

The pillars of your life

Reporter Without Borders

Brown's diploma in hand

On the trails of the globe

You bravely crafted

New wave documentaries

For a famous Magazine under the aegis of NBC

Japan, China, Malaysia

Thailand Singapore, Sri Lanka

Guided your goals, your steps

To take you to Moskva

Before Perestroika

From Lincoln Park to LA

Devoted activist

From the philosophical tree

You drew the sage sap

Inspired by lyrics

From Martin Luther King

And epic ballads

From a candid Bob Dylan

and Joni Mitchell's guitars

In bougainvillea's

And palm trees' sunny shades

You have wisely woven

indestructible threads

With Ken

Your lifelong companion

Incomparable mother, grandma

Charlie, Riley, Rowan

And his sweet mom, Meredith

Radiate a well-being

Immersed in your lumière


My forever friend

Everyday heroine

Linking art and destinies

Languages ​​and continents

In magical spaces,

Virtual and real fields

Giving to our land

A millennial Renaissance



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