World Water Day | March 22

Access to water is a human right. World Water Day brings our attention to the importance of freshwater and the sustainable management of freshwater resources.

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

 The 2021 theme for World Water Day is valuing water, and sharing how important it is.

Teachers: Visit the free MY HERO Lesson Plan for World Water Day, Sustainable Development Goal #6 and  Sustainable Development Goal #14. Includes discussion guide and learning outcomes.

Films | These short films feature communities coming together to celebrate and protect water. 


Produced by:Paul Lazarus
Best known for his Segway Personal Transporter, inventor Dean Kamen is taking on great challenges one invention at a time. SlingShot is the story of Kamen, his water purification technology, and his innovative approach to the safe water crisis.

Water Song

Produced by:Will Parrinello | Executive Producer: Goldman Environmental Prize
Máxima Acuña, a subsistence farmer in Peru’s northern highlands, stood up to Newmont Mining Corporation!

Water Is Sacred

Produced by:Mentors: Tiana and Wakinyan LaPointe
2020 MHIFF Ocean Conservation Award student winner: When we pray with water, it helps our bodies and the earth, and we say Wopila Tanka (Immeasurable Thanks) for its medicine.


Avery Bazan
A collaboration between Oceans Unmanned and DJI utilizing drones to help entangled humpback whales.

Looking After Our Environment: James Price Point

Produced by:Mark Pearce
Mark Jones speaks out against a gas development complex that spells doomsday for some species living around James Price Point.

Conserving water


Waterheart and Her Friends

Tianna Bluebird
A cut-out animation short about a mythical character, Waterheart, and the friends that help her to clean up her polluted home: Earth.

Water Crisis in our community

Produced by:Abdulai Bangura

Running for Water

Produced by:Polly Green
Jin Zedell started a worldwide movement for runners to raise funds for clean drinking water.
Sylvia Earle Ocean Conservation Award cfe 5-1
Credit: myhero

Stories of Present-Day Water Conservation Heroes

Alexandra Cousteau

By: Mina Al Saddawi
Alexandra Cousteau is a visionary and trailblazer who pushes the boundaries of discovery, adventure, and global problem solving.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

By: Wendy Jewell
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is an eco-warrior defending the earth for future generations.

Jon Rose - Humanitarian Hero

Produced by:Tom Aiello
Humanitarian Jon Rose brings clean water to the people of Haiti.

Trash Heroes

By: Elias Amador
Trash Heroes is an international, volunteer-led organization that mobilizes youth in over 12 countries to clean and prevent plastic waste in their communities.

Sylvia Earle

By: Edward Ortiz
"The key is to see ourselves as a part of the natural systems that support us."

Listen & Read Along

Jon Rose

By: David Kelly
Jon Rose founded Waves for Water, which works on the front-line to provide clean water.

Fin Donnelly

By: Jenny Kim

Fin Donnelly swims to raise awareness of water pollution and is now a member of Canada's House of Commons.


Water is Life

By: The Art Miles Mural Project

Environment - Life in the Clean Water and Air

By: Yasutomikita Elementary School in Japan and W.H. Day Elementary School in Ca...


By: David Basasira of Uganda


By: Anu Monisha


Our Curators


Short films curated by MY HERO International Film Festival director Wendy Milette


Hero Stories curated by MY HERO Story Directors Deborah Neff and Abigail Richardson. 


Audio curated by MY HERO Audio director Stu Pearlman. 

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