Yasmine Sherif Global Educator Award Winner

Directed by: Kitty Richardson | Production Company: MY HERO | Short | 2020 | | 2:16



The MY HERO Project is proud to honor Yasmine Sherif with the 2020 Global Educator Award. Sherif is a champion for human rights around the world, particularly in war-torn areas and conflict zones. She has practiced human rights law with the United Nations since 1998, published a book in 2014 called “The Case for Humanity: An Extraordinary Session,” and in 2016 Education Cannot Wait (ECW) a UN-hosted, global fund for education in emergencies, was launched at The World Humanitarian Summit, and Sherif was appointed to lead it. Sherif is passionate about education as a gateway to equipping boys and girls with a knowledge base that will serve them and their communities as they become adults. She tells MY HERO, “It’s [education is] the key. As you turn that key, a whole sea of human rights will open for you. . . . Education is about shaping the minds and the hearts of a human being, and give them the tool to live a full life and tell their story. Every human being has to tell their story to live a full life.” Sherif puts into practice the motto of MY HERO: to celebrate the best of humanity, one story at a time. Through her heroic actions on the ground, aiding displaced refugees and fighting for the rights of children, she works to ensure that they are afforded their basic human rights, enabling them to grow, learn, and thrive so they can tell their own stories.

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