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The final phase of the filmmaking process is Exhibition, when you have completed your film and are ready to share it with the world. Visit the Submit Your Film page for instructions on how to enter the MY HERO Short Film Festival.


Remember the Guidelines:

  1. No hatred, violence or prejudice – we are looking for heroes who inspire us with the best in humanity.

  2. No plagiarism or copying – work must be must be written in the participant's own words, not copied or copy/pasted. Artwork should be original.
  3. Credit all sources and include URLs
    Do not use generic credits like "Google" or "Yahoo" search engines. Text from other sources should appear with quotation marks and include a reference to the original source.
    - All online sources for info should be cited and linked.
  4. Upload your video to youtube or vimeo. The easiest way to submit work to myhero or other festivals is to have your video already online. Vimeo and YouTube are the preferred sites to host video.
  5. Submit to MY HERO.

Before you enter your film in any competition or upload it to any online site, make sure that you have all of the necessary release forms on file:

Release Form (PDF - 40 KB)

Parental Consent Form (PDF – 144 KB)

How to Host a Hero Fest (PDF - 7.5 MB)