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MY HERO Global Learning Circles latest session started January 30, 2019 and the next session will begin September 2019.
Spring 2019 Learning Circle Participants:

Madeline Gillum: Sultana Sports and Science Academy - Ontario, California United States

Mendy Kanu: Children's Foundation of Technology  - Freetown, Sierra Leone

Solmaz Suleymanova: School 238 - Baku, Azerbaijan

Katherine Korte: Pattonville High School - Maryland Heights, Missouri     United States

Zvonka Dalic: Gimnazija Tolmin - Tolmin, Slovenia

Ala Babcinetchi: Theoretical Lyceum " Ion Creangă" - Florești - Florești, Moldova

Ala Lungu: Theoretical Liceum "Ion Creanga" - Floresti, Moldova

Glennys Jurome: Anne McClymont Elementary - British Columbia, Canada

Nfamara Barrow: Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education - Gambia
Esther Chang: Longhua Primary School - Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Learn more about Mendy Kanu and the Children's Foundation of Technology in Sierra Leone:

Now it is time for you to register your students on the MY HERO website as well as continuing to communicate with each other on the MY HERO iEARN Learning Circle Forum. You should have received an email with the specific details about registering your students and the information is available as a News Post on our project's iEARN space. If you have any questions or concerns, please email Laura Nietzer.
* It is time for you and your students to discuss and choose your heroes. We will be taking the next two weeks for this part of our Learning Circle Collaboration. Please see the News Post on the iEARN Forum for additional information.
* It is time to register your students for the iEARN Student MY HERO Learning Circle forum so they will have the opportunity for them to communicate directly with students from other schools in our Learning Circle. An email has been sent to you and the directions are a News Post on the iEARN forum. Here is the direct link: https://iearn.org/cc/space-36/group-665/news/2019/02/adding-students-to-the-my-hero-learning-circle-forum


A great way to share what our group is doing is through images. Creating a wall with a map, information about the countries in our Learning Circle and photos is a great way for our classes to learn about each other's cultures. There now is a folder for you to share your pictures with the rest of the group. Here is the link:  https://forums.iearn.org/categories/Photos-for-Sharing-

Another great way to learn about each others classes and country's culture is through videos. There now is a folder for you to share your videos with the rest of the group. Here is the link:  https://forums.iearn.org/categories/Videos-to-share
* It is time to start posting your class surveys in the iEARN forum.There are many different ways to send your Class Survey.  The purpose of this task is for your students to share some information about themselves, their school, and their community.  Please remember that the survey is all about your students.  Please allow them to fill it out – it is not about what teachers think – it’s about your students.  You can send your information in any cross platform presentation that you wish.

Please remember, that this template is a starting point for your students to share cultural information.  You are free to add to it and be as creative as you wish.  In the past, some schools have added additional information, included photographs, created PowerPoints, produced movies, and even recorded podcasts!  The limit is your time and creativity.

Our goal this week is to continue to exchange cultural information, learn about each other, and share our daily lives.  You can also begin to talk about your project ideas.

The Class Survey template can be found in the News section of your Learning Circle group in the iEARN Collaboration Centre.

There are already a number of surveys from our Learning Circle that have been posted. Please share these with your students and don't forget to comment on the surveys posted. This is a great way to get to start our dialogue and collaboration. 

* Please place your Teacher Introduction message in the iEARN Teacher Forum for this project.  In this message, tell us about yourself and your teaching situation. You can also share your goals and ideas for this project. Please respond to the other teachers' posts. This is the time for the teachers to get to know each other better.

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