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Here you will find some guidelines to creating good images to use in your media project.


Subject matter - The subject matter you choose in your image can represent the ideas of your Hero as well as reflect on the actual image of your Hero.


Framing - When composing a shot it is important to keep in mind a few simple guidelines:


  • Get close.
  • Consider the background in the composition.
  • Include some foreground for depth in the frame.


Lighting - In using natural light or bringing in light here are some basics:


  • Key light - illuminating your subject from the front.
  • Rim light - illuminating your subject from the side.
  • Back light - illuminating your subject from the back.
  • Three point lighting keeps these sources in balance.
  • You can create moods by varying the balance of light and shadow.


For more some examples about lighting images visit: ElectricTeacher - Photography


color wheel


Color - Color is a great way to express moods or themes. Here are some generalizations about color:


  • Warm colors are reds, oranges and yellows.
  • Cool colors are violets, blues and greens.
  • The color wheel reflects the relationships of colors.
  • If two hues are opposite each other on the color wheel they are considered to be complementary colors.


For more details about color theory visit: Color Matters : Design-Art


Size and Relationships of Objects - Within the frame you can experiment with creating meaning by juxtaposing images of varying sizes. You can also experiment with the relationship of objects within the frame. Be creative.


kid with camera    wendy milette


Point of View - The angle from which you present your images, as seen above, is the point of view of the camera, which can be objective or subjective. It can reflect the Point of View of your Hero or the point of view of the filmmaker or someone else in relation to your Hero. It is a good idea to carefully choose whose point of view you will be representing.


For additional support and information about production training workshops for teachers and students contact: media at myheroproject dot org