Clara Mayer: An Overlooked Pillar of the New School

Directed by: Juliana Fadil-Luchkiw for The New School Marketing and Communications department | Produced by: Gina Luria Walker Savanna Washington Cecilia Rubino Stefania de Kenessey Ellen Freeberg | Starring: Film interviews Directed by Cecilia Rubino Filmed and edited by Will Lucas and Anome Williams Original music composition Stefania de Kenessey, from the Women’s Legacy March and incidental music | Short | 2020 | USA



In the second episode of Women’s Legacy, a historical feminist project, we look into the life of Clara Mayer. Mayer played a crucial role in the founding of The New School, but despite spending four decades at the university with roles spanning from student to director to dean, her contributions have gone largely unknown. In partnership with the Women’s Legacy Project, we’re sharing the stories of numerous little-known but leading women, each of whom helped craft The New School’s rich history. Voiceover: Celeste Sena (GA Theater ’20) Music: Stefania deKennessey (Professor of Music) Faculty (in order of appearance): Savanna Washington (Professor of Media Studies) Julia Foulkes (Professor of History) Gina Walker (Professor of Women’s Studies & Director of The New Historia) Ellen Freeberg (Associate Dean of The New School for Social Research) Interviews with Julia Foulkes in the Orozco Room at The New School were shot and edited by Will Lucas and Anomie Williams. Interviews with Eva Haller and Margie Loeb at the Loeb-Mayer House were shot and edited by Will Lucas and Anomie Williams. All of these interviews were directed by Cecilia Rubino. Learn more about The Women’s Legacy Project and The New School: Annotations Savanna Washington: 0:00 The Women’s Legacy Project: 0:34 Clara Mayer: 0:51 Julia Foulkes: 0:59 Gina Walker: 2:10 Ellen Freeberg: 2:44 Eva Haller: 2:58 Margie Loeb: 4:57