Earth Day

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A Walk Through The Land of A Thousand Hills

Chema Domenech
Claver Ntoyinkima, a native park ranger, shares the secrets of Nyungwe National Park in Rwanda as he guides us through the forest.

Words Have Power

Produced by:Lynne Cherry

10-year-old Jaysa rallies the community with speeches about how the power plant causes “so much suffering.” When they shut down the plant, Jaysa concludes that “words have power."

Last Stand - The Vanishing Caribou Rainforest (Trailer)

Produced by:David Moskowitz
The forthcoming documentary “Last Stand” puts the Caribou Rainforest on the map before it’s too late.

Taking Root

Produced by:Michelle Law
In a small farming area outside the city, Mr. Loi, a local farmer, discovers the techniques of chemical-free farming.

Protecting the Amazon by Advancing Indigenous Rights


Since 1996, Amazon Watch has protected the rainforest and advanced the rights of indigenous peoples in the Amazon Basin. 

Mother of All Rivers

Producer: Produced by: Will Parrinello / Directed by: Will Parrinello

Berta Cáceres rallied her indigenous Lenca people to protest, successfully pressuring the government of Honduras and the world's largest dam builder to withdraw from building the Agua Zarca Dam.

Ditty for Dilley: Sing Along

Producer: MY HERO
Sing along with us as we celebrate James Dilley through song. Featuring original music by Sasha Evans and Doug Miller.

My trip to Catalina Island

Producer: Slater Jewell-Kemker
Slater journeys to Catalina Island to interview her Environmental Hero Jean-Michel Cousteau.

Bella Gaia

Producer: Kenji Williams
Bella Galia means Beautiful Earth. Producer Kenji Williams came up with the idea after meeting an astronaut who lived on a space station for 6 months.

Protecting Blue Whales and Blue Skies

Michael Hanrahan

A collaboration of government agencies, non-profits, and private industry come together to solve the problem of commercial ships causing air pollution and whale strikes in the Santa Barbara Channel.

My Toxic Reality

Produced by:Tom Dusenbery
Hilton Kelley is tired of seeing his community ravaged by pollution from oil refineries. He and his fellow citizens demand change.

Upstanders: The Kids Who Killed an Incinerator

Produced by:Howard Schultz and Rajiv Chandrasekaran [Starbucks]
The high school students who battled a giant incinerator — and won.

Stories | Current Climate Change Activists Working for Good

Greta Thunberg

By: MY HERO Staff
On the first day, Greta Thunberg, a climate activist with aspbergers, protested outside of Swedish Parliament alone. Now, she's leading 1.5 million students globally.

Leonardo DiCaprio

By: Nadine Bader

Leonardo DiCaprio is an award-winning actor who is considered one of the most active celebrities involved in the climate change movement.

David Suzuki

By: Anna Gustaf
David Suzuki is a Canadian environmental activist with a PhD in zoology.

Dr. Vandana Shiva

By: David Kemker
Dr. Vandana Shiva works to preserve biodiversity for the planet.

Wangari Maathai

By: Frances Moore Lappe
Wangari Maathai was an environmental activist and Nobel laureate who founded the Green Belt movement.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

By: Wendy Jewell
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is an eco-warrior defending the earth for future generations.


MY HERO Suggested Video

"How to Save Our Planet" (2019) by WWF International

Sir David Attenborough explains how humans can take charge of our future and save our planet.

MY HERO Suggested Video

"Earth Were In It Together" (2009) by Auntie Litter

Another song from Sing For Earth Day available from

MY HERO Suggested Video

"Dear Future Generations: Sorry" (2015) by Prince Ea

An Apology Letter to Future Generations. Sorry.

Listen & Read Along | Founding Voices in the Environmental Movement

John Muir

By: Harold W. Wood, Jr.
John Muir advocated preservation, feeling that natural areas promote mental health.

Rachel Carson

By: Wendy Jewell
Rachel Carson, author of Silent Spring, was the mother of the environmental movement.


Fight the Rise

By: Josie Morway
Mural by artist Josie Morway located in the Seaport neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts.


By: Draya Madú
Mural done by artist Draya Madu located in the Seaport neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts.

The Earth Singing Tree

By: 800 people in McKees Rocks, PA <br>under the guidance of artist Laurie Marsh...

Protect the Sacred by Shepard Fairey for Amplifier

By: Shepard Fairey

Artist Shepard Fairey of Obey Art has created many posters for the Amplifier Foundation as well as being instrumental in initiating the Kickstarter campaign to get the Amplifier Foundation off the ground.

Stop Fracking Stop Drilling

By: Gregg Deal

Aldo Leopold

By: Robert Shetterly

Wendell Berry

By: Robert Shetterly

Protect Sacred Waters by Ernesto Yerena- Amplifier

By: Ernesto Yerena

This poster for the Amplifier Foundation represents artist Ernesto Yerena's commitment to Native American heritage, issues and sacred lands

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