Directed by: Avery Bazan | Production Company: DJI | Oceans Unmanned | Documentary | 2020 | USA | 4:16



This short film features a collaboration between Oceans Unmanned and DJI utilizing drones to help entangled humpback whales. Matt Pickett started a non-profit called in order to use drones for the purpose of ocean protection. They have been very successful in assisting whales in distress from entanglement.


This film was selected a winner for the 2020 Sylvia Earle Ocean Conservation Award! Here is a quote from Barbara MacGillivray about the film:

Ed Lyman is featured in "freeFLY," as he shows, along with the help of Drone Pilot and founder of, Matt Pickett,  the courage and regimented planning it takes to save the endangered and fascinating Humpback Whales frequently entangled in discarded and broken fishing lines. With his 1300 saves to date, and our own direct experience with Ed's passion for saving these magnificent 40-60 ton animals while making our IMAX film, Humpback Whales, we wanted to pay special tribute to both him and NOAA, in these challenged environmental times.  

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