Site: Martin Luther King Secondary Girls School
Dakar, Senegal
Site Administrator: Cheikh Darou Seck

Going to Dakar, Senegal, was an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. The people we met there were exceptionally warm and engaging, and our host, Cheikh Seck, was amazing...(more)


Site: Royal Film Commision
Amman, Jordan
Site Administrators: Mohannad Al-Bakri & Rula Nasser

After twenty-four hours of travel and a ten-hour time-zone change we arrived in Amman, Jordan where we were met with immediate hospitality. We felt welcome and respected on our visit to the Royal Film Commission where the MY HERO Filmmaking workshops were to take place...(more)


Site: LOJA Center for Balkan Cooperation
Tetovo, Macedonia
Site Administrator: Bujar Luma

"LOJA," in Albanian, means "game," which, according to our Macedonian site administrator, Bujar Luma, aptly describes the spirit of the center where he's the co-director...(more)


Site: The Multimedia Center for Visual Arts
Prishtina, Kosovo
Site Administrator: Jeton Neziraj

The Multimedia Center for Visual Arts, where we held the MY HERO / GLOBAL EXCHANGE workshops, is a production space rented in the Dodona Theater in Prishtina. Jeton Neziraj, our Kosovan Site Administrator, is a famous local playwright...(more)


Site: OKC Abrasevic Youth Center
Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Site Administrator: Timur Makarevic

In Mostar we worked at the OKC Abracevic Youth Center. This facility had been a community center for over 80 years, but it was destroyed during the war. After the war it was reclaimed by a group of activists who recently were awarded the legal ownership of the compound...(more)


Site: The American Corner
Podgorica, Montenegro

Judith Jones, from the U.S. Embassy, helped organize the MY HERO /GLOBAL EXCHANGE Workshops at the American Corner in Podgorica...(more)



Our team of media artists and educators are available to lead and assist groups interested in planning MY HERO digital arts workshops. For more information, or to become involved as a partner or mentor, please contact The MY HERO Project at [email protected].